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A 7 Step Guide to Making the Switch to Vaping

A 7 Step Guide to Making the Switch to Vaping

For years, we’ve known how harmful smoking can be. But quitting smoking is so much easier said than done. According to the CDC, it may take 10 tries before a smoker finally throws out their cigarettes for good. One way you can make it alot easier to kick your smoking habit is by making the switch to vaping. For a smoker, vaping is significantly less harmful compared to smoking tobacco. It also allows you to gradually decrease your nicotine use.

1. Visit Your Local Vape Store

It helps to talk to someone who’s probably been in your shoes before or who at least has a greater knowledge of vapes and e-liquids than you do. That’s why visiting your local vape shop is always a good place to start! You can talk to the employees about your preferences and ask for their recommendations. They may also be able to give you some helpful tips on how to get used to your vape.

No vape shop near you? No problem! The online vaping community is rich. Many companies like Podlyfe will be happy to talk to you online or over the phone to help you find the products that work for you.

2. Purchase a High-Quality Pod Vape

Don’t be afraid to invest a little in your first vape. Think of it as an investment in your health. A high-quality vape will come with a bigger, price tag but it will also give you a better experience. The more seamless your experience with a vape is from the get-go the more likely you’ll be to stick with it and stay away from cigarettes. In addition, you will pay less for a vaping habit than a smoking one in the long-run.

That being said, “high-quality” does not necessarily mean “high-tech.” If you are too focused on the appearance of your vape, you won’t necessarily be getting the kind that works best for your needs. And if you get a mod that’s too complicated, you could end up so frustrated with vaping that you go right back to cigarettes. Maximize your chances of staying on the vape track by choosing something simple and straightforward like a pod vape kit.

3.      Choose Nicotine Concentration Carefully

When you’re so used to smoking, it can be a little complicated to figure out the strength of nicotine that’s right for you. Many smokers who are trying to quit also want to reduce their nicotine consumption. Usually, it’s best to make the switch to vaping first and then gradually decrease your nicotine use. Make sure you are paying careful attention so you don’t also end up with nicotine that’s too concentrated and causes you to feel sick.

The amount of nicotine you take should depend on how much you are smoking right now. If you’re a light smoker who smokes 10 cigarettes or less each day, look for an low mg nicotine salt e-juice that has 10-20mg of nicotine . If you smoke a moderate amount of 10 to 20 cigarettes a day, you should start on a mid strength nicotine salt e-juice with about 20-30mg of nicotine. Lastly, if you’re a heavy smoker that smokes 20 cigarettes or more each day, use a high strength salt e-liquid with 30+ mg of nicotine.


4.      Start with Dual Use

Rather than going from several cigarettes a day to several vape sessions, it’s best to ease your way into the switch. Start out by eliminating just a couple cigarettes each day and use vapes in their place. Try to get to smoking half the time and vaping the other half of the time as quickly as you can. You’ll probably have to stay at that stage for a few weeks.

In time, you should be able to wean yourself off smoking entirely so you are just vaping. You’ll likely find yourself picking up your vape more and more frequently without even thinking about it.

5.      Experiment with E-Liquids

Vaping is full of choices from the types of devices to the e-liquids. This can definitely be overwhelming but it can also be helpful when you are trying to quit smoking. More options to try means there’s a strong possibility that you’ll find something out there that you like. You’ll find no shortage of flavors including:

If you don’t like the first vape juice you use, just keep trying different options until you find something that you like or you can at least tolerate more than others!

6.      Create a Vaping Schedule

The longevity of a pod vape cartridge is much greater than that of a cigarette. Because of this, it can be hard to know when to stop vaping and how long you should be using your vape each time you pick up the device. Give yourself a dedicated amount of time to vape to avoid vaping for too long. Otherwise, you may end up overdoing it on the nicotine and increase your dependency on nicotine. 


7.      Vape Correctly

Don’t make the mistake of vaping how you’d smoke. You won’t need to puff as hard on a vape as you would on a cigarette. You should be taking slow, deep puffs. This will be more satisfying so you’ll be more likely to stick with vaping. If you’re still struggling, remember to reach out to your vaping community whether that’s online or at a local shop.

Make the Transition to Vaping with Podlyfe

While kicking your smoking habit for good is definitely not easy, it is possible! When you follow these tips, you should hopefully have a smoother transition to vaping.

Remember that where you buy your vape and your e-juice matters. Luckily, Podlyfe is your one-stop-shop for all your vape needs. From the time you initially make the switch to the time you’re a dedicated vape user, we have all your vaping needs met. 

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