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Best Berry Flavoured Nicotine Salts in New Zealand 2022

Best Berry Flavoured Nicotine Salts in New Zealand 2022


Berry Bomb is made by VGOD, recognised world wide for their exceptional range of premium E-Liquids. VGOD SaltNic is from the USA.

This particular berry flavor is also available in an iced version, if that’s your preference. Berry Bomb is a sensational flavor that exceeds any, and all expectations - a wonderful combination of unique strawberry flavors. Berry Bomb is nothing short of an absolute bombshell.

The mouth watering sweet and sour notes create an astonishing and unique experience for users. From the first time you try it, to the last you’ll be astonished. Available in 2 nicotine strengths, 25MG & 50MG. 

Price $31.90NZD

2. Berries by Simply Salts

Simply Salts is a New Zealand brand, acknowledged by many for their outstanding range of high quality E-Liquids. 

Berries by Simply Salts is simple, yet absolutely delicious. This flavor is a fantastic replica of the fresh, sweet and mouth watering berries. If you enjoy a more cooling E-Liquid, Berries by Simply Salts is also available in an iced version “Berries on Ice”. When you first try this flavor, you’ll feel a rush of nostalgia, memories of beautiful summers and eating fresh berries. 

Simply Salt E-Liquids are a phenomenal option for vapers who are using a medium strength nicotine and enjoy simple yet flavorful liquid. Available in 2 nicotine strengths, 20MG & 35MG.

Price $29.95NZD

3. Frozen Ripe Raspberry by Chosen Salts

Chosen Salts is a high quality E-Liquid brand right here in New Zealand. Chosen Salts specialty is fruity and flavorsome E-Liquids.

Chosen Salts has a large assortment of berry flavored nicotine salts. Chosen Salts offer both iced and uniced options, so there’s something for everyone. 

Frozen Ripe Raspberry is truly one of a kind, the authentic flavor stands out like no other. The sweet, ripe and delightful notes of fresh raspberries tied together with a sensational icy finish, creates a mouthwatering vaping experience. Available in 3 nicotine strengths, 20MG, 30MG & 50MG. 

Price $29.95NZD

4. Berry Cream by Jerk Salts

Jerk Salts is a leading vape brand from Japan. Jerk Salts is well known for its spectacular range of exclusive desert flavors.

Berry Cream is a rare and one of a kind berry flavor. The pleasant notes of delicious berries combined with a creamy vanilla finish creates a breathtaking and unique vaping experience. 

Berry Cream is a wonderful option if you enjoy fruity, creamy and delightful flavors.

Jerk Salts has 3 nicotine strength options, 20mg, 35MG and 50MG.

Price $29.95NZD

5. Golden Strawberry by Crush Salts

Crush Salts is a New Zealand brand, offering exquisite low strength nicotine salts. 

Golden Strawberry by Crush Salts is a fascinating berry flavor. You’ve most likely tried strawberry nicotine E-Liquids before, but I can assure you that it won’t compare to this masterpiece. 

Golden Strawberry consists of fresh, ripe strawberries blended with a delicious warm caramel and finished with a delicious creamy vanilla. This combination creates a mindblowing and distinctive taste, in the best way possible.

If summertime and sunny days could be made into a nicotine salt, Golden Strawberry would be the ultimate result. Available in 2 low nicotine strengths, 10MG & 20MG. 

Price $34.90NZD

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