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Best Prefilled Pod Vapes in Australia

Best Prefilled Pod Vapes in Australia

Whether you are religious or not, it is worth admitting that prefilled pod vapes are nothing short of a blessing bestowed upon the vaping population. They are simple yet effective and allow you to own a long-lasting device that requires no maintenance or setup.

Perfect for the casual vaper that just wants to enjoy the experience, prefilled pod vapes don't allow much customization but offer a wide variety of sizes, capacities, strengths, and flavour options. In short, prefilled pod vapes last longer than the disposable options, but without the complicated maintenance process that refillable pod vapes often require.

Due to this system's affordability, convenience, and style, the Australian market is filled with prefilled pod vape options. However, these five devices stand out amongst the rest.


1. Alt. Vape Kit.


Purchasing an Alt. device is a customizable experience from the get-go due to its wide variety of options available. Available in five different colours, Alt. devices are recyclable through Terracycle to prevent further contamination and ensure the consumption is eco-friendly.

The replacement pods come in 13 different flavours that go from the classic vanilla to the refreshing watermelon and are available in two nicotine strengths—40mg and 20mg. Likewise, you can purchase them in a single pack of two or a bundle of ten packs.

Each pack comes with the device, the pod, the charging cable, and a user manual.

This device—owned and designed in New Zealand—provides nothing short of a sophisticated experience, with high-quality flavours and a smooth hit.

And zero effort, of course.


2. RELX Infinity.


RELX Infinity is a faithful reflection of its name—a RELX device that takes what the brand is known for and takes it to infinity and beyond. 

But looking past its new sleek design, it's important to note the leak-resistant maze coil technology that gets rid of that pesky leaky pod issue by incorporating eleven structural layers within its design. 

Likewise, the RELX Infinity features an innovative double charging system that makes it compatible with portable charging cases that offer over two and a half extra days of service.

The RELX Infinity comes in five elegant colour options, and the kit brings a user manual and a USB Type C Charger. Likewise, the replacement pods have twelve delicious flavour blends available, each at a 30mg nicotine strength. 

3. VUSE ePod 2. 

VUSE ePod 2 is just the newest prefilled vape marketed by VUSE. Upon glancing at the box, it's evident it was designed with three elements in mind—style, comfort, and simplicity. 

Vaping has never been easier. With its draw-activated feature, you don't require any button or complex setup to vape—just inhale, and you're ready to go. Likewise, improvements in the structure of the VUSE ePod 2 allow you to vape while you charge—not that you need to worry much about that, because now it takes you merely half an hour to reach full battery thanks to the brand-new magnetic charging cable.

When it comes to pods, VUSE ePod 2 is equally innovative. You can find three different nicotine salt strengths—16mg, 30mg, and 50mg—and over fifteen different flavours with a capacity of 1.9ml each.



VAPO, the New Zealand vaping pioneer, changed the game within Australasia with the release of VAPO HAIZ, their most emblematic product and one of the best prefilled vapes within the market. 

Why? It's all thanks to its high-tech design and elegant aesthetics. The VAPO HAIZ features a unique coil design that can deliver outstanding flavour and airflow, making it comparable to the most expensive refillable devices—without the extra hassle, of course. Likewise, the 500mAh battery is rechargeable through a mini USB cable.

Each of the replacement pods has a capacity of 2ml, with flavour options from both VAPO and collaborations with other leading vape eliquid brands

5. Mylé V4. 

Mylé is a synonym of gorgeous aesthetics and high-quality designs and flavours. As such, it comes as no surprise that the Mylé V4 offers excellent performance while remaining small, easy to carry, and undoubtedly elegant.

The device is powered by a 240mAh internal battery that makes it lightweight yet strong enough to carry you through the day. Likewise, it can recharge within minutes through the micro USB cable included in the bundle. 

When it comes to the pods, the motto of comfort and style shines through. The purchase of a set of pods comes with four units, each with a capacity of 0.9ml. You can purchase the set individually or in a carton of five, and there are over fifteen flavours to choose from, with a nicotine strength of 50mg.

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