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IGET Bar 3500 is one of the leading disposable vapes sold in Australia. Available in a large range of flavours, delivering approx 3500 puffs and are reported to contain 12ml of eliquid. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about IGET vapes in Australia. 

How to recharge iget bar?

The IGET Bar is not a rechargeable device. Tampering with an IGET Bar device to remove the inbuilt internal battery and hard wire recharge is extremely risky and should not be attempted. Instead, look at purchasing a rechargable disposable device like the Dragbar B5000 or Bud 5000 which contain an inbuilt charge type-c fast charge port.  

How to open iget bar?


Disposable vapes arent designed to be opened largely due to the fact they are single use and dont need to be refilled. The iget bar can be opened (with brute force) using plyers on the bottom of the device. If you do encounter an opened iget bar, do not use it as there's a risk the tampering could dislodge the internal wiring and battery connections which could cause short circuiting.  


Can iget bars explode?

As with any device with an inbuilt battery not designed for tampering, if a disposable vape is pried open, and hotwired in an effort to recharge and reassembled by somebody who is not an expert at electronics manufacturing, battery safety becomes an issue, and short circuiting can cause the lithium-ion cells to overheat and in extreme cases, explode. The way to prevent any electronic device from exploding is to use them as intended.  

How much are iget bars?

In Australia IGET Bars cost anywhere from $25AUD to $45AUD depending on the quantity ordered. When purchasing a single IGET bar, expect to pay a higher price. Many resellers offer bulkbuy discounts which can bring the cost down when ordering 20+ devices. When ordering from NZ, you can buy similar sized (or larger) disposable vape kits for as low as $20AUD with no minimum order quantity.  

How to tell if iget bar is fake?

The best way to verify authenticity of an iget bar is to scan the QR verification code on the side of the packaging. Once scanned, make sure to verify that the website verifying the iget bar is in fact the official igetvape manufacture website. Iget vapes are sold in multiple countries, some of which have unique packaging requirements so assessing authenticity based on visual appearance is not usually an indication of whether an iget bar is fake or not. 

Are iget bars safe?

Vaping in general is considered to be significantly less harmful than smoking tobacco. In Australia the TGA has set stringent safety standards for nicotine vaping products. In late 2022 the TGA performed product testing on a wide range of vaping products sourced in Australia (including IGET), and 9 / 16 flavours tested were compliant.  In New Zealand, IGET Bar is registered and legal for sale meaning it complies with NZ vaping product safety standards;  

Does iget bar have nicotine?

Most disposable vapes contain nicotine. Unfortunately in Australian, due to the prohibition on sale of nicotine vaping products - many vaping products sold locally on the black market are labeled as containing no nicotine (or no mention of nicotine) to avoid detection from law enforcement. 

How many puffs in iget bar?

The IGET Bar delivers approximentally 3500 puffs based on average use. 

How much nic is in iget bar?

Due to many of the disposable vaping products sold on the blackmarket in Australia not clearly labelling nicotine its difficult to tell. In markets where IGET Bars are labelled with nicotine, they generally contain 5% nicotine, which is approx 57mg of nicotine per ml. 

How to tell if iget bar has nicotine?

The definitive way to tell if an iget bar has nicotine is to get it tested in a lab which can be a rather time consuming and costly experience! If you're using an IGET Bar as an alternative to smoking, you will likely sense the nicotine when vaping it by way of reduced cravings for a cigarette. Other indicators are a tickle feeling in the throat, and in some instances you may feel lightheaded if you are vaping excessively (consuming more nicotine than your body requires). 

How to fix iget bar?

IGET Bars are designed to be a simple to use, single use product which means they're not really something you should have to fix. As with all consumable products ther can be the odd dud, in cases like this its best to return your device to the retailer your purchased from. One of the most common problems with non rechargable disposable vapes is they go flat prematurely; to reduce the risk of getting a flat disposable, try to ensure you buy from retailers with new / fresh stock.   

What is the best iget bar flavour?

Flavour generally comes down to personal preference so there is no single answer. IGET flavour profiles are generally focused around candy, fruit and beverage flavours with high levels of sweeteners. 

Where to buy iget bar near me

You can buy regulated disposable vaping products online from New Zealand using the personal import scheme. Australia now has a flourishing blackmarket of disposable vapes including IGET Bars readily available in most tobacconists, news agents, convenience stores, social media and even ubers! 

How do you know when iget bar is empty?

When an iget bar is empty it will stop producing vapour, shortly before this happens you will notice a diminished level of flavour. 

How long do iget bars last?

With regular use, an IGET bar should typically last 1 week of regular usage, or longer if less frequently used. 

Why is my iget bar hissing?

If your IGET Bar is hissing it is an indication that it is activating on its own due to a faulty draw sensor rather than as intended when you inhale. This could be caused by debris getting caught in the sensor, or a faulty sensor altogether. In some instances this fault can be fixed by sharply blowing into the IGET bar mouthpiece, which can dislodge debris. If this doesnt work, return your iget bar to the retailer you purchased it from for a replacement. 


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