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Mastering The Art Of Finding The Perfect Coil

Mastering The Art Of Finding The Perfect Coil

Vape Like A Pro: Mastering The Art Of Finding The Perfect Coil

Are you tired of vaping experiences that just make you go ‘meh’? Do you find yourself constantly disappointed with the flavour and clouds your coils produce? Well, it’s time you learn the art of finding the perfect vape coil

Say goodbye to weak flavours and burnt hits, and hello to a vape that will give you that delicious hit you’ve been craving. With just a few tips and tricks under your belt, you’ll be able to enhance your vape to the max!

Keep reading to learn how. 

The Basics Of Vape Coils 

Before we can dive into how to choose the perfect vape coil for your needs, let's take a moment to discuss what coils are, exactly. 

Not to get too science-y on you, but coils are made up of two electrical cells that heat up when they receive electricity from the battery in your vape device. When this happens, it vaporises the e-juice/e-liquid that you pour into the tank of your device. 

This is what creates those delicious clouds and flavours that you’ve come to know and love (blueberry ice, we’re looking at you!)

Now that we know how coils work, let’s talk about how to choose one for optimal vaping experiences. Here are some things you should look for when selecting a vape coil

The material used 

Different materials create different types of flavour profiles and vapour production. For example, ceramic and Kanthal vape coils often last longer than other types of coils but may not provide as big of clouds or as intense flavours as other options.

Type of vape coil 

There are simple vape coils (such as single-coil devices) that offer strong flavours, but weaker vapour production. On the other hand, there are also more advanced options such as double-coil devices which usually create bigger clouds but weaker flavours. 

Consider what type of experience you want before deciding on which type of coil is right for you.

Number of wraps in your vape coil

When it comes to finding the perfect coil, another important factor that should be on your radar is the number of wraps.

You see, the more wraps a vape coil has, the more surface area it has to heat up the e-liquid. And that means more flavour and more vapour production.

It's like a match made in vape heaven!

Just imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you take a hit and unleash a flavour explosion in your mouth, all while creating huge clouds of vapour. That's what you’ll get when you have a coil with a lot of wraps.


Vape coils come in various resistances, ranging from 0.1 ohms all the way up to 2 ohms (or higher). Lower resistances often require more power from your battery but result in bigger clouds usually vaped direct to lung with low levels of nicotine while higher resistances require less power from the battery which results in smaller clouds generally used for mouth to lung vaping in higher nicotine concentrations at levels comparable to a traditional cigarette.

Buy Vape Coils NZ

Now that you know some basics about finding the perfect coil for your needs, it's time to get out there and find one (or a couple, if you want to stock up), like these replacement coils from our site.

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