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Top 5 Tropical Flavoured Nicotine Salt eLiquids in New Zealand

It is time to get a little scientific here.

According to multiple studies, there is an undeniable connection between the senses of taste and smell and our memories. That is the biological explanation of why certain flavours or scents can take us to specific moments of our lives or why they evoke such strong imagery within us.

So, it turns out, whenever you vape tropical-flavoured nicotine salts, it is entirely plausible to take your mind back to your most idyllic beach vacation and reminiscent of the sea breeze on your face.

Featuring a perfect blend of sweet, tart, and acidic fruits from the tropics, the following nicotine salt e-liquids are the best of the best when it comes to flavour.


1. Pineapple by Simply Salts.

pineapple simply salt

Simply Salts is a line of nicotine salts designed, blended, and produced by Vapoureyes within the town of Hastings at Hawke's Bay, in New Zealand. It was designed with the specific purpose of providing simple, uncomplicated blends that highlight the charm and appeal of a single flavour.

As such, Simply Salts' Pineapple blend is the nicotine salt equivalent to a bite of the juiciest pineapple slice you could imagine. Forget the artificial flavours you can find in fizzy drinks or your generic candy—the mixologists at Vapoureyes designed Pineapple to provide the genuinely sweet and sour mix of pineapples, turning it into a tart experience straight out of the tropics.

Simply Salt's Pineapple has an even ratio of 50% VG-50%PG across its two nicotine strengths of 20mg and 35mg.


2. Mango Bomb by VGOD Saltnic.

Mango Bomb by VGOD Saltnic 

When VGOD aka SaltNic Labs decided to create their line of nicotine salts, they envisioned one of their blends as the most concentrated and pure mango flavour they could conceive. The result? Mango Bomb.

Mango Bomb is precisely that—a blast of the juiciest, sweetest ripe mango you could imagine. Without any additional notes that could dilute the mango flavour, Mango Bomb guarantees a direct experience for those seeking a full-strength mango treat.

Akin to the rest of the VGOD SaltNic line, Mango Bomb comes in a 45% VG-55% PG ratio to provide the most potent flavour possible. Likewise, it is also available in two different nicotine strengths; 25mg and 50mg. 

3. Hawaiian POG by Naked100 Salts.

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 Salts 

No visit to Hawaii—or Hawaii-themed party, for that matter—is complete without a sip of the island's most famous drink, Hawaiian POG. It is a blend of three fruits with different flavour profiles, creating the ultimate tropical experience. 

So, when Naked 100's flavour experts created Hawaiian POG, they did it with only one concern in mind: how to design the perfect blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava for your vaping needs. Luckily enough, they succeeded.

The passion fruit's tartness is the first and most prominent flavour note, followed by the intoxicating citric taste of oranges and, at last, the sweet and soothing guava. All of that flavour is condensed in 30 ml with two nicotine strength presentations of 35mg and 50mg, alongside a 50% VG-50% PG ratio.

4. Watermelon Slices Ice by Dinner Lady Salts.

 dinner lady watermelon nicotine salt podlyfe

Made in Britain, Dinner Lady Salts is a brand meant to evoke the aesthetic and flavours of the past, to create a nostalgic yet modern combination of explosive tastes during your vaping experience.


As such, Watermelon Slices Ice is a tropical fruit blend that goes beyond the usual standards for a fruity mix. To achieve this uniqueness, Dinner Lady Salt's mixologists combined the flavours of natural watermelon with tastes evocative of the popular Pick 'N' Mix candy to make a sugary sweet, mouth-watering watermelon blend with an extra sharp, icy punch.


Watermelon Slices has an even 50% - 50% PG ratio, making it gentle on the throat and perfect for large clouds. It also features two nicotine strength options—30mg and 50mg—for those seeking higher levels.


5. Reck it Red by Reckless Salts.

Reck It Red  by Reckless SaltsHow many types of melon can you distinguish by taste alone? The mixologists and flavour experts at Reckless, in collaboration with Nasty eJuice, decided to put that to the test and blended two of the sweetest, most fragrant variants of melon to create the ultimate fruity experience. 

Reck it Red is a blend that features the "Sugar Baby" variant of watermelons, renowned for their juiciness and extra-sweet flavour profile. Alongside it, the flavour profile displays notes of muskmelon, a particularly sweet fruit with a slightly floral aroma, and some are even reminiscent of cantaloupe flavours. 

Reck it Red is a blend of 70% VG – 30% PG, and you can buy it in 20mg and 35mg strengths.

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