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VEEV One by IQOS Replacement Pods

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VEEV One Pod Cartridges: Experience the Evolution

Introducing the all-new Veev One Pod Cartridges – where innovation meets exceptional taste. Designed for use with the VEEV One prefilled pod vape device, it's the perfect choice for discerning vapers.

VEEV One Pods

Each pack of VEEV One pods comes with 2x 2mL 20mg/mL nicotine pods. Available in single packs or cartons, choose from six premium flavours.

VEEV One Flavour Menu

  • Tobacco: The ultimate realistic tobacco flavour! Relive the essence of Virginia's lush tobacco fields with VEEV Classic Tobacco pods.
  • Mint (Refreshing Mint): An invigorating blend of pure mint for a rejuvenating sensation.
  • Peppermint: A voyage of coolness, inspired by the timeless peppermint flavour.
  • Blueberry: A burst of nature with the sweet and tangy essence of blueberries.
  • Strawberry: A luscious blend capturing the taste of ripe strawberries.
  • Watermelon: A refreshing dive into summer with the taste of juicy watermelons.

Each Veev One flavor is meticulously crafted for an authentic and premium vaping experience. Explore a world of exquisite tastes and let your senses revel. Not sure what flavour to get? Try the VEEV One Flavour Bundle


  • Capacity: 2.0 ml e-liquid per cartridge.
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2 ohms optimized for flavor and vapor.
  • Material: Medical-grade PCTG for durability and safety.
  • Nicotine Strengths: 20mg/mL (18mg/mL for Sea Mint).
  • Connection: Magnetic snap-fit.
  • Lifespan: Up to 1000 puffs per cartridge (2000 puffs per pack).


Puff Count
eLiquid Volume XS
Battery Capacity (mAh) XS
Rechargeable XS
Child Safety Mechanism XS
Puff Count 1000
eLiquid Volume 2 ML
Battery Capacity (mAh)
Child Safety Mechanism

* Puff and volume specifications based on each consumable. E.g. if product contains 2x pods, specifications are per pod.